Child Internet Safety Event

How to protect your kid?

Kid's Identity

Never reveal personal information, such as address, phone number, or school name or location

Look After

Find out what, if any, online protection is offered by your child's school, after-school center, friends' homes, or any place where kids could use a computer without your supervision

Personal Info

Never respond to a threatening email, message, post, or text

Online Friends

Never agree to get together in person with anyone met online without parent approval and/or supervision

Computer Placement

Keep the computer in a common area where you can watch and monitor its use, not in individual bedrooms. Monitor any time spent on smartphones or tablets

What We Are Going To Tell You On The Event?

Our children - even younger students - often know about the Internet no less than their parents. But do they know the rules of security on the Web? “It Rate” and “Web solutions” will help you and your children to avoid all the possible risks on the Internet.


There are several legislative bills that are pending regarding cyber bullying, at a bigger level(please see "Legislation Buzz" page). At least you could take some comfort in knowing, once you got inside your house, or inside the classroom, that bully would, for the time being, leave you alone.

Social Websites

Social networking websites commonalities may include a shared network of friends, a venue to create online journals, a place to share common interests with old friends or new, and the ability to exchange and view photographs, music and/or videos. Some sites are devoted to a particular interest or category. These sites often provide an outlet or avenue for sharing personal expression.

Parenting Tips

Use “netiquette”, or online etiquette. Don’t say things on the Internet you would not say to someone in person, remember the Golden Rule. When it comes to questionnaires or surveys, parental permission must be given first. If your child is a victim of cyber bullying or stalking, or knows someone who has been targeted, stress to your children to TELL an adult.

"Do you know your child’s user name, email address and password?? If not, WHY? Do NOT allow computers in children's bedrooms. Keep computers in an open area of the home. Is there a webcam attached to your computer?? Insist your children do not give out or post personal information, such as their full name, social security number, home address, location, email address, school name, phone number, date of birth, or real age."
Owen Smith
Event Creator & Father of Two Daughters

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