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Were you Looking for The Toilet Seal?

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Fernco Inc. FTS-3 3-Inch Wax Free Toilet Seal
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Korky 6000BP Universal Toilet WaxFree Seal
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List of Top-Rated Toilet Seals

Toilet seals are key to a dry and functional toilet flush. These simple components are what secures a water tight fitting between the toilet tanks to the toilet bowl. There are two types of seal, Wax, and Wax-free, and the sizes and materials vary between fabricators. However, the end product performs the same action; it seals the tank to the bowl with a water tight seal.

Wax Toilet Seals

Wax rings were the most popular choice for plumbers for many years. Wax rings are made from either beeswax, petroleum or other ingredients depending on the manufacturer. These rings provide a pliable seal between the flange and the toilet bowl.

Wax-Free Toilet Seals

Wax-free toilet seals are a fast and clean option when compared to wax-seals, and they attach to the toilet bowl with a strong ring of adhesive. After application, you lower the bowl into the flange for an airtight seal.

Wax-free vs. Wax, Which is better?

Wax seals are a bugger to remove; they are messy, sticky and dirty and usually require some form of indirect heat to melt them into a puddle so you can scoop them up and clean them with an industrial grade solvent. Some wax flanges are recessed, so you need to add an extra layer of flooring to raise it up, this causes even more mess. In most cases, a wax seal was the best option once, but with modern rubber and silicone seal materials, it’s considered to be a cheaper and messier option that is not preferred but still used.

Another reason why wax is being replaced is due to modern heating methods that include underfloor radiant heating. You cannot use wax on a radiant heated floor since the wax will melt. As such, where radiant heating is installed only wax-free seals can be used. Another advantage over wax is the ability to remove and replace and even reuse rings when changing bowls. The bottom line is this; both work well, the wax ring seal is an old proven method but outdated technology. There are modernized versions with all sorts of adapters and structures, but the model is still a wax to flange model. The wax-free method is easier and cleaner to use and is more adaptable to hotter climates; it is also the only mode to use when there is underfloor radiant heat.

The Best Toilet Seals Reviews


My Take: This is the NEXT Perfect Seal, a wax ring seal by Danco


The NEXT Perfect Seal uses a patented seal design that combines a unique specially designed rubber gasket with encapsulated wax. This combination forms a seal that is three times stronger than a standard wax ring and eliminates the mess. The Perfect Seal comes with flange height adjustment between ½” above the floor to 1 ½” below the floor, and stabilizes the toilet bolts. The model is also modular, where the black plastic inner ring that sits inside the grey rubber ring can be removed when the toilet is not seated flush to the floor. This seal received the 2016 Chicago Innovation Winner.


  • Guarantees a perfect seal on the first toilet installation
  • Perfect Seal allows the toilet to be repositioned as needed
  • Comes with a 3X stronger seal than wax rings
  • Wide flange height adaptability, from 1/2 in. above the floor to 1-1/2 in. below the floor
  • The Adapter inner diameter is 2-5/8 in.
  • Seal inner diameter is 2-3/8 in.
  • Stabilizes toilet bolts


This is a true hybrid between wax and wax-free seal, however, consider your radiant heat source. This is a truly versatile model and perfect for most applications.

My Take: This is the Fernco Inc. FTS-3 3-Inch Wax Free Toilet Seal


The Fernco FTS-3 is a 3” wax free toilet seal that comes with an adaptable flange that fits toilet flanges up to ¾” and maintains a gas tight seal even when there is movement. This model is great for wall carriers as well as floor mounts and is very easy and fast to install. This model is made from flexible PVC and is impervious to mold and mildew. Since it’s a wax free model, you can install it over radiant heat sources.


  • Conforms to ASTM A 1045
  • No need for flange risers or stacked wax rings
  • Ideal for in-floor radiant heat installations
  • Centers itself and the toilet to the drain
  • Toilet can be removed and re-installed with the same seal attached


This is a classic wax free model and perfect for any radiant or non-radiant heat sourced toilet bowl installation.

My Take: This is the Korky 6000BP Universal Toilet WaxFree Seal with Hardware


The Korky 6000BP, WaxFREE Seal Kit, is a classic wax free seal that comes with a two piece foam interior that adapts to the most flange, including above and below floor lines. This model is very easy to install and is adaptable during installation, so you can reposition this during installation. This model is made using the proprietary red Chlorazone that is found in all Korky red toilet flappers. The package comes with a toilet gasket, a full set of hardware and instructions. The universal design makes this a perfect fit for 3” and 4” drain pipes.


  • Universal design for 3” and 4” drain pipes
  • Chlorazone Flapper material
  • Easy and adjustable during installation


When it comes to fast and furious, this is the wax free seal that will break all installation records and provide a lifetime of water tight service.

My Take: This is the Aqualog Masterseal®, a universal wax free toilet seal


The Aqualog Masterseal® is made of a high grade rubber that will not break down or degrade over the years. This model centers itself to the drain and the floor and does not fail when there are instances of head pressure due to main line backups. This model fits over the floor and does not require “stacking” like many wax models, it comes with an extended discharge neck that gives you a positive, secure connection irrespective of the floor flange height. Masterseal® Wax Free Seal can be removed and reinstalled every time and is impervious to mold and mildew. This model comes with an added membrane that covers the hole from the sanitary pipe, as such it prevents water leakage down to the floor below.


  • Watertight Innovative design
  • Secure installation quality gives an airtight seal.
  • Eliminates the formation of mold and mildew.
  • Universal 3″ 4″ Easy to Install
  • Reusable thermoplastic rubber


For modern conveniences and long term applications, this a great value for money, and a serious contender for the best wax free toilet seal.

My Take: This is the Danco 10879 All-in-One Toilet Installation Kit


The Danco 10879 All-In-One Toilet Installation Kit comes with the Perfect Seal Wax Ring and Zero Cut Toilet Bolts. The Perfect Seal is a universal toilet wax ring which attaches to a wide range of applications including ½” below floor line flanges to 1 ½” above floor line toilet flanges. This kit uses the patented design that combines innovative rubber gaskets with encapsulated wax to form a seal three times stronger than a standard wax ring and eliminates the mess that is associated with wax rings. The Zero Cut Bolts are universal and work with flanges above or below the floor and can be adjusted in height from one inch to three inches without cutting. These bolts come with a sliding adapter to tighten the bolts and attach the low profile bolt caps. The upper bolt screws into the double threaded body and lower bolt retract and tightens from below. This model is modular and adaptable, and you can remove the black plastic inner ring from the grey rubber outer seal enabling the seal to sit flush with the floor.


  • Perfect Seal Wax Ring and Zero Cut Bolts
  • Creates the perfect seal between the floor and drain
  • Wide flange range adaptability
  • No cutting required
  • Mess free and hassle free


Another great hybrid wax seal from Danco and at the price it comes at, you want this more than any other seal, unless you have radiant heat.

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