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How To Find An Affordable and Reliable Workout Bench for Home?

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Workout benches or weight benches are integral in any gym regimen and are used for a wide array of applications. As such, workout benches come in many designs and configurations from the basic bench to accessory and focused workout benches.

There are also structural differences designed for different weight levels of performance, and benches for home workouts are usually lighter than those found in a professional gym. The main reason being the difference between workout concentration of home gyms when compared the constant and continuous use of the workout bench in a professional gym.

Workout benches come in four categories:

  1. Adjustable Benches
  2. Flat Benches
  3. Olympic Benches
  4. Specialist Benches

Adjustable Benches

There are usually two versions of this type of bench, the pop-in or step type. Essentially, both types perform the same routine; they allow the user to adjust different weights for different muscle group workouts. These benches include optional additional accessories that use hinges for simple motor movement actions. Most models come with two separate sections, a seat and an adjustable back when flat they act as a flat bench.

These are the preferred home gym benches since they provide a wider range of workouts that saves space.

Flat Benches

This is a staple in every gym, but less in homes due to its simplicity. They are used for a limited range of workouts and in a lot of cases replace chairs as gym furniture due to their rugged nature and ability to be used for workouts as well as rest stops.

Most flat benches are lower to the ground than adjustable benches, and they don’t have moving components, they are fixed benches.

Olympic Benches

Olympic Benches are usually found in gyms and not the home for their application is to concentrate on Olympic sized barbells. They come with incline backs and have an integrated rack system. These benches are limited due to their ruggedness, must have less moving parts and the racking system is fixed. As such, these benches are focused on one or two applications at the most, limiting their usefulness in the smaller confines of a home.

Specialist Benches

These are bespoke benches for specific applications such as preacher curls, abdominal bench, etc. Each bench is designed for a very specific set of movements and focus on a targeted muscle group.

Home Gym Considerations

A home gym can be anything from a large separate gym area to a treadmill at the feet of the bed. Garages are also used as gyms, due to their size and ventilation. When deciding on setting up or refurbishing a home gym, consider the location, space and also the weight load you intend to use.

Most home gym benches are made of lighter weight steel tubing and are not designed for constant pummeling, or for the weight loads as found in professional or public gyms. If you are a professional athlete or bodybuilder and use your home gym every day, then you will need to buy professional gym equipment. If, however, you are a frequent fitness user, and workout every day for fitness and not size, then you can find a lot of options on the market that deliver exceptional performance grade materials.


As with all pieces of equipment, workout benches need to be cared for to maintain their integrity and performance, especially if you use an adjustable bench. You need to check the padding and fabrics for wear and tear, and you need to check all the hinges and attachment locations for structural integrity. Oil hinges once a month, and always use a towel to wipe the bench material after sweating.

List of Top-Rated Workout Benches

The Best Workout Benches Reviews


My Take: This is the six position Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670


This workout bench is a hybrid professional gym to home gym grade item that provides you with a solid experience that is adjustable for use with most standard equipment including smith cages and racks.

The structure is an adjustable back on a triangular base, where the frame materials are made from a powder coated 14 gauge steel tubing that is designed to hold up to 300 Lbs of weight.

The bench is made from high-density foam with a clean two-tone upholstery cover.

There are six possible positions, including a versatile and fully adjustable back pad for incline and decline positions. The seat has three positions to choose from too.

The overall dimensions of this model are 52″L x 25″W x 46.5″H


  • Incline to decline back pad
  • 3 position seat
  • 14 gauge steel is holding 300 Lbs.


This is a very reliable adjustable workout bench for home gym use and comes with a nice price tag that is the middle range for this category.

My Take: This is the solid K KiNGKANG Flat Weight Bench


This is a solid flat workout bench designed for home use and comes with good design and structural integrity. As a flat bench, it doesn’t need to be more than an inverted U frame with a solid bench top, which is what you get here.
The frame is made from heavy duty 2mm steel (it’s between 12 and 14 gauge), powder coated for design and corrosion resistance. The top pad is made using a firm foam and ample padding.

The dimensions of this model are 44.5″(L) x 13″(W)x 18.5″(H), and it is designed to hold up to 450 Lbs of weight.
This model is foldable, so you can stow it away if you live in a limited space area, and can transport it easily if you want to take it with you for outdoor workouts. The feet come with adjustable rubber plastic cups.


  • Elegant and Simple structured
  • Solid frame 2mm thick steel
  • Ample padding
  • Collapsible feet and adjustable foot sets
  • Double I style feet and heavy-duty steel construction


This is an exceptional flat workout bench that gives a solid performance and is foldable too.

My Take: This is the Marcy Multi-Position Workout Utility Bench SB-10115


The Marcy SB 10115 is another great home gym adjustable workout bench that supports up to 300 Lbs and provides six different adjustable positions.

This model gives you military, incline, decline and flat exercises and is made from 14 gauge steel powder coated for protection and upholstered with high-density foam.

The difference between this model and the SB 670 is in the design structure, this is a U frame, and comes with leg rollers for additional workout performance.

The dimensions of this adjustable bench are 54″ L x 19″W x 45″H


  • Six position workout bench
  • 4 foam covered leg rollers


It’s at the top of the home gym range of products and competes well with its structural integrity and overall performance. This is a great addition to any home gym.

My Take: This is the JUFIT Sit Up Bench Foldable Fitness Training Weight Bench


You are now entering the realm of professional gym equipment designed for home use. This amazing adjustable workout bench holds up to 805 Lbs of load-bearing capacity, which is full bodybuilding level. You also get 13 different positions which makes this one of the most versatile on the market today.

The tubes used on this frame are 50mm wide powder coated steel tubes that combine with a 5cm thick foam padding and covered with a soft synthetic leather fabric.

The thirteen positions are reached through 9 backrest angles and 4 adjustable front leg positions, including a straightforward flat bench workout.

The bench is foldable for easy storage and is designed for home use, even with the load bearing capacity, making this the best professional bodybuilder/fitness professionals home adjustable workout bench on the market today.
This benches folded dimensions are 32″ L x 11″ W x 12″ H.


  • A solid steel performance is holding up to 805 Lbs.
  • 13 adjustable positions


It doesn’t get better than this, and the price is so attractive that most home gym lovers prefer to buy one of these models. It’s a budget-friendly bench with professional level performance.

My Take: This is the Body-Solid FID46 Olympic Leverage Flat Incline Decline Bench


When it comes to absolute performance and overall best of the lot, this is the bench professionals seek out. It’s priced for performance, and if you really want a workout bench that is complete, provides you with more than you will ever need, and is totally reliable and rugged.

This model is a revised version of previous design and comes with some excellent performance upgrades. These include a 13 gauge 3” round heavy gauge steel frame that is powder coated for protection with a 9 position seat and ample padding which are 2.75 inches thick for long-term support characteristics.

This model is a professional grade model and is designed for both the home and the gym, as such, you get all the accessories to provide you with every possible workout combination as well as using this bench with other equipment frames.

This models dimensions are 72”L x 28” W x 31”H and it is designed to bear a load of up to 600 Lbs., its weight is 93 Lbs, proving that it is a no-nonsense solid and weighted device for a very stable and efficient workout.


  • Synchronized seat and back pad adjustments with glide and lock pull the pin
  • Includes leg developer for prone leg curls and seated leg extensions
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Back pad adjusts to -20º, 0º, 10º, 20º, 30º, 40º, 50º, 60º and 70º
  • Seat pad adjusts to 0º, 4º, 6º, 8º, 10º, 12º, 15º and 17º
  • Height to pad–at position: 23.”


This is the king of the adjustable workout benches and is perfect for any serious home athlete.

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